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In Time

In Time was an amazing movie. I wanna see it again. I will try and get an actual review up in the morning. It will be my first review in a while.

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This movie rocked. I don’t know anything about the Thor comics, but I know quite a bit about the Thor legends as the viking god of thunder…so I am not sure how canon it was. I have seen it twice (both the same day) and it is still awesome. So…

Info (comes from IMDb)

Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence. (info for this came from

Genre – Action | Adventure | Drama

Running Time – Approx. 1 hour and 55 minutes

Release Date – May 6th, 2011


Kenneth Branagh


Writing credits


Ashley Miller (screenplay) (as Ashley Edward Miller) &
Zack Stentz (screenplay) and
Don Payne (screenplay)
J. Michael Straczynski (story) and
Mark Protosevich (story)
Stan Lee (comic book) &
Larry Lieber (comic book) &
Jack Kirby (comic book)

Parental Guide

Sex and Nudity – None. Only a couple of kissing scenes.

Language – Very little. One A**, a couple D*** and multiple hell.

Blood and Gore – Not much. A couple people get stabbed and some blood is shown on the blade, a person gets backhanded by a robot and some blood is shown, and little bits and pieces more.

Violence – Quite a bit. There are fight scenes (hand-to-hand), battle scenes (multiple people against one foe) and war scenes (multiple people against multiple foes). Multiple explosions occur, a giant creature gets a hole put through its head…you can see through it, but no blood is shown. Multiple creatures are destroyed, including one being decapitated.

Review – possible spoilers

Thor was really good. As I mentioned above, I don’t know how canon it is because I don’t know the stories…but it did its job and got me excited for The Avengers. It was very well done and the visuals were sweet. It also had a nice mixture of plot, character development and action…which is hard to do. So, great movie. Oh ya, there is a scene after the credits that is a spoiler and continues to set up for The Avengers like the scenes in Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Hulk.

So ya, it is a awesome movie with a lot of action.

Family Friendly Rating

I give it a 8/10.Violence is in everything.

Movie Rating

I give it a 9/10. Great movie.

Movie Review #9

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Fast Five

This movie rocked. The best of the franchise. I have seen it twice (both the same day) and it is still epic. So…

Info (comes from IMDB)

PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, sexual content and language.

Genre – Action / Crime / Drama

Running Time – Approx. 2 hour and 10 minutes

Release Date – April 29th, 2011


Justin Lin


Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson (characters)

Parental Guide

Sex and Nudity – None. Only a couple of kissing scenes and some brief sexual talk.

Language – Decent amount throughout the movie.

Blood and Gore – Not much really. People get shot, but you only really see an okay amount of blood in one scene.

Violence – Quite a bit. There is a 5 minute fight scene between The Rock and Vin Diesel. There is a 15 minute scene where a giant safe gets drug through town and destroys everything in its path. And there are other fights, races, wrecks and gunfights throughout the movie.

Review – possible spoilers

I love the Fast and Furious franchise. I have seen all of them many times. In fact, I watched Fast and Furious (4) three times in the past week to prepare for Fast Five. That payed off because the last 1 or 2 minutes of Fast and Furious is the first 1 or 2 minutes of Fast Five. Proving that it is a direct sequel. It was amazing. The races were awesome, the fight scenes were wicked and the safe scene was one of the greatest scenes I have ever seen. All in all, the movie was amazing and can speak for itself without a long review. Also, note…there is a scene during the credits that is definitely worth waiting and watching.

So ya, it is a awesome movie with a lot of action. I will be seeing it again (and again and again…) and buying it at release.

Family Friendly Rating

I give it a 5/10. Language…Violence…Sexual Talk

Movie Rating

I give it a 10/10. Contrary to what I said in my post talking about rating…this is the first movie I have EVER rated a 10. For what it was trying to do…it did perfectly. If this were a standalone movie or a movie not setting up for a sequel, then it would have gotten a 9. There are some plot holes that are fine because they were left to be filled in later.

Movie Review #8

Pierce through

This movie was awesome. I really liked it. It was the kind of movie that makes you think. Movies are too easy for me, I figure out movies that are supposed to be really hard early on in the movie. So, I love the occasional movie that is a bit of a challenge. So…

Info (comes from IMDB)

Rated PG-13 for some violence including disturbing images, and for language.

Genre – Action / Thriller

Running Time – Approx. 1 hour and 33 minutes

Release Date – April 1st, 2011

Director – Duncan Jones

Writer – Ben Ripley

Main Stars – Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga

Parental Guide

Sex and Nudity – None. Only a couple of quick kissing scenes (on the lips).

Language – Pretty mild and rare at various points throughout the movie. Includes one or two big ones…F*** and GD

Blood and Gore – A couple of the explosion scenes are a bit graphic, two people are shot and a person is seen in some detail with only half a body.

Violence –A bit, but not too much. Just a couple fight scenes and other stuff that may be deemed violent.

Review – possible spoilers

As much as my job drives me crazy, it is sometimes good to work in a movie theater. I watched this movie today (last night if you will). It was spectacular. It was very well and beautifully done. The plot flowed together in a great way, a way that will confuse a lot of people. Think Vantage Point meets Inception. They did the whole ‘going back’ thing a lot better than Vantage Point (don’t get me wrong, I loved Vantage Point). The movie revolved around a helicopter pilot from the military named Colter Stevens who awakens one day on a train. The train shortly explodes. He then finds out that he is inside a computer program called the ‘Source Code’ and that he is living the last 8 minutes of a man named Sean Fentress. He has to relive it over and over again to find out who bombed the train because another, larger attack is imminent by the same person. There is a huge twist somewhere between the middle and end. I will let you see that for yourself. Now, he wants to alter reality to save the people on the train. Will he be able to do it, even though he has been told that he can’t? Find out in Source Code.

So ya, it is a awesome movie with a great plot. I will be seeing it again and buying it.

Family Friendly Rating

I give it a 8/10. A movie with language probably wont score higher than an 8 in this field.

Movie Rating

I give it a 9/10. It was a really good movie that makes you think.

Movie Review #7

Pierce through

This movie was awesome…well, the action was…So…

Rated PG-13 for thematic material involving sexuality, violence and combat sequences, and for language.

Sex and Nudity – None. But…the women are scantily dressed throughout, which isn’t shocking as it is in everything…but it was not needed. Throughout the whole movie, men are “trying” to no avail to get with the women, which also wasn’t needed.

Language – Pretty mild for a movie like this. No F-Bombs (at least not that I heard) and various other words throughout, such as S***, D***, B*****, GD at least once.

Violence –A ton…but that is why people should see the movie, not the women as unfortunately most will. The action scenes were amazing and were done brilliantly.

*spoiler alert*

A girl must escape from a mental institution she is wrongly put into by going into her mind and battling within which in turn allows stuff to happen in reality. It is kind of a confusing concept, but it is done well.

So ya, it is a awesome action movie with a good plot. I will be seeing it again and buying it.

Family Friendly Rating – I give it a 4/10. Its score would have been higher if not for the attempted rape throughout.

Movie Rating – I give it a 9/10. It was a really good movie with tons of epic action.

Review #6

Also, I am gonna start posting plugs for bands on here…just saying.

Pierce through

Duel review.

I watched Paul at the employee show this past Thursday night and then Limitless a couple days later.

Also, I will start rating the movies on a 1-10 scale from this point on. My mind is a complex place. The top score a movie could get is a 9.5 because nothing is EVER perfect. There is always something that could have been different or better. I will give it a movie rating and a Christian / Family Friendly rating. I will explain each rating too.


I watched this movie. I thought it was really funny, in a stupid way.  They did a lot of attacking of traditional (if not crazy) Christianity, so a lot of Christians will attack the movie for this, but it did have a neutral motif of believe what you choose in the background of it all. So…

Rated R for language including sexual references, and some drug use.

Sex and Nudity – Paul’s butt in like one scene and some kissing. A lot of inappropriately dressed women, but honestly, that is in everything and real life. Nothing too bad.

Language – A good amount of language of varying types. Quite a bit actually…definitely not a movie for kids or people who don’t like profanity.

Violence –A good amount. The government is after the main characters.

*spoiler alert*

Two British nerds are attending Comic Con here in the US. Afterwards, they headed out to explore all the alien related sites nearby. They end up coming across an alien who escaped from the government and they must help him get home.

Once again, it is a good action movie with a decent and moving plot.

Family Friendly Rating – I give it a 3/10. Its score would have been higher if not for the language and innuendo and to a point Christian bashing.

Movie Rating – I give it an 8/10. It was a really funny movie with some good morals like never leave a friend behind.

Review #4


This movie was awesome. The plot was really interesting and it was well done along with some good suspense. So…

Rated PG-13 for thematic material involving a drug, violence including disturbing images, sexuality and language.

Sex and Nudity – Three sex scenes throughout the movie. They show nothing, they are basically random body parts (like legs, etc) and sounds. Other than that, some kissing.

Language – Very mild. 2 F bombs and some other milder words.

Violence –A pretty decent amount throughout, but not too bad.

*spoiler alert*

A down on his luck writer receives a pill that lets him use all of his brain. It substantially increases his intelligence, problem solving skills, memory and everything else. He starts gaining immense amounts of money because of this…but as with everything, it is too good to be true. Bad things begin to happen because of the pill and being mixed up with the wrong crowd.

Once again, it is a awesome action movie with a good plot.

Family Friendly Rating – I give it a 7/10. Its score would have been higher if not for the sex scenes.

Movie Rating – I give it a 9/10. It was a really good movie that makes you think.

Review #5

Pierce through

I just watched this movie. It was epic. It seemed like it would be a trailer movie from watching the trailer…but it was not. There was a lot of sweet scenes that were not in the trailers. The movie had an awesome mix of action and suspense. I will probably be buying this. So…

Rated PG-13 for sustained and intense sequences of war violence and destruction, and for language.

Sex and Nudity – None. There really isn’t even much romance and I think there was only like two kisses and they were between a husband and wife (I assume) on the lips (and stomach (baby)).

Language – A good amount of language…aliens are invading, language (even though it should be) isn’t gonna be too friendly.

Violence – Quite a bit. Aliens are invading and the marines have to stop them. There is A LOT of gunfire, explosions, etc. A lot of action and suspense.

*spoiler alert*

It is pretty straight forward. Alien robot things are invading earth and a group of marines have to stop them while protecting a group of civilians and themselves.

Once again, it was a lot better than how I made it sound. It was awesome. If you like gunfights, explosions, action or anything in this genre…you will like this movie.

Review #3

Pierce through

Also, I have been busy and haven’t trained much. I have done various things like weight lifting and parkour, but not recorded any of it. I plan on doing my full training regimen on Monday and posting it here that night.

Edit: Adding ratings…Family Friendly – 5/10 and Movie 9/10.

I just watched this movie. It was amazing. I thought it looked good from the trailer, but was shocked by something in the movie. I will be buying this. So…
Rated PG-13 for brief strong language, some sexuality and a violent image
Sex and Nudity – One scene shows them in bed (presumably) naked making out, but nothing is shown.
Language – Some mild language and a little strong language
Violence – A somewhat good amount, but not much. Mainly action and suspense.

*spoiler alert*

It is about a congressman who falls in love with a woman that he was never supposed to see again after their initial meeting. The adjustment bureau, seen as angels of sort, are trying to stop them from being together because it is against “the chairman’s” plan for them. They must find a way to be together. I was shocked to see the Christian aspects within the movie.

Okay, it was a lot better than how I made it sound. It was awesome.

My second review…I’m getting better?

Pierce through

Edit: Adding ratings…Family Friendly – 8/10 and Movie – 9/10.

I watched this movie last night. It was beyond epic. I loved the movie so much. I am buying it day one. Like I said, these will be Christian reviews. So…
Rated PG-13 for language and violence
Sex and Nudity – None
Language – Some mild language
Violence – A good amount, but violence is in everything.

*spoiler alert*

It is about a teen who is from another planet. There were only 9 kids and their protectors that escaped the planet’s destruction. They all have special powers. They must be killed in numerical order. Numbers one, two and three are dead. Number four is the main character. He needs to find the others and defeat the people who destroyed his race.

A bit cliche, but still epic.

Hope you enjoyed my first ever review. More to come.

Pierce is out

Edit: Adding ratings…Family Friendly – 9/10 and Movie – 9.5/10