To set up this about page, I am gonna compile the posts about me into this page and then add stuff over time.


Explanation from January 26th 2011

So, I am a very unlikely candidate for this…but I am working toward going on Ninja Warrior. I am currently 23 years old and weigh about 270 lbs and am about 6ft tall. I have set up a training program for myself. I will be updating here daily with what I’ve done. I will often post links to my Youtube channel with new vids of me doing stuff. So, ya…here is my Youtube channel…


Hello from February 3rd 2011

I am just letting you guys know other ways to hear from/contact me. I now have a Twitter. As well as my Facebook. You can check me out…
My Twitter…!/Pierce555
My Facebook…!/SirPierce
My YouTube…
My Phone Number…1-734-770-1617 Okay, with my phone number, I don’t answer if someone calls and I don’t know the number. But, I have unlimited texting and I am more than happy to be contacted that way.


Wow… from March 23rd 2011

Through a topic on the American Parkour forum, I calculated and found out that I have lifted a total of around 100,000 pounds overall since I started training at the end of January. Wow…just wow…
An Explanation from March 27th 2011

I know I have been adding a lot of new sections lately, but this will add diversity to the blog and allow me to advertise it in more places and add more tags for search engines. I make sure to set each post to a specific category. At the top of the page, you can click on a category and only see the posts of that specific category. So, if you only came for my Ninja Training or my Talk of Tech, then just click on that specific link to view those specific posts. That is fine. So, ya…thanks.


So, ya…I hope that overtime, people are getting to know me better and better.

Pierce Through