So, I decided to bring this to my peers. Generally when I post anything involving my books, I am lucky to get a couple replies.

Anyway, here it goes… I keep getting writers block. I am currently working on at least 4 books (and an unknown amount of fanfics). I will post synopsis’ about my works in progress and I want people to tell me what they think. Reviews and statements from you guys wont stop me from making the books…I am just hoping for some help on what to do right now.


Speed Ninjas (Tentative Title)

Adventure / Spy Novel

A story about three friends who are street racers by day (and night) and ninja vigilantes by night. They have super cool cars and super high tech technology based on the ninjas of old. They aren’t liked by the police or criminals and work to make the world a better place.



Crime / Adventure Novel

A novel about a knight from King Arthur’s Court who is frozen while hunting down a criminal off the coast of Greenland. He thaws out in modern day (2015) and is recruited by the police and homeland security to stop WW3. He is assigned too two partners and over time discovers that his partners are descendants of knights of the round table.


Saving Elbib

Adventure Novel

A story about a group of friends who meet over time on earth after their home planet is destroyed. The kids all have an element, power and weapon. The group that destroyed their planet is on earth now. They need to stop earth from suffering the same fate as their planet.




A story about a local prodigy getting recruited by a top secret agency to save the country from impending terrorism and war. He must use all his skill and technology to stop a weather based group from destroying the US.


Or something else…

So, there is WAY more stuff already done on each one, but I was trying to avoid giving too much away. Believe me, they all go WAY more into depth than I posted.