This game is beyond amazing. It is a computer game. I am playing it as I type. It is THE ULTIMATE sandbox game. You start off in a massive world with NOTHING. You have to start mining supplies. The best thing to do at start is cut some trees down with your hands. This way you can make some pickaxes and a Crafting Table. I wont say too much…I will let you play it. It is available at for around $25. It is in pounds…so I don’t know the actually price. I payed around $25. It is still in beta. The actual game is set for release next month. Once you have tools, you can literally build anything. Edit: Okay, I was wrong. It is $22. You can buy it here…

Some examples…I am not responsible for what may be said in the videos…viewer discretion may be advised


Minas Tirith

Youtube Search for Epic Minecraft Creations

Simply put, the game is amazing and you can build anything. Check it out.

Pierce Through