This is and always will be one of my favorite bands. They are a Christian Rock/Rap/Hard Rock band. They have 9 Albums (2 of which are re-releases and 1 isn’t out yet.

That’s What People Do (1998)
Set It Off (2001)
Phenomenon (2003)
Set It Off Re-Released (2004)
The Art of Breaking (2005)
The Flame in All of Us (2007)
Welcome to the Masquerade (2009)
Welcome to the Masquerade Fan Edition (comes out in 3 days…2011)
The End Is Where We Begin (2012)

They are simply amazing. But, you can decide that for yourself because I have to leave for work.

Sites (not links because I don’t have time to remember how to make them)… – Official Page – Wikipedia Page – Official Youtube Channel

They have a new album coming out in February and I cannot wait for it. Enjoy.

Music Plug #5