So, I haven’t gotten around to posting anything, but I have been doing something pretty much everyday. I am gonna post the totals since August 16th and then I will try and post everyday with additions.

Total – 51

Total – 110

Leg Drops (each leg)
Total – 15

Leg Drops (both legs)
Total – 9

Squats (no weights)
Total – 345

Squats (50 lbs on shoulders)
Total – 10

Wall Pushups
Total – 920

Wall Sits
Total – 4 sets of 15 seconds and 1 set of 30 seconds

Walk (miles)
Total – 22

Swung on swing set
Total – 6 Minutes

Held my body up on a fence with hands
Total – 26 Seconds

Hung by hands on bar
Total – 5 Seconds

Okay, that is the total since August 16th. Throughout the time, I have played volleyball a couple times, did parkour a few times and pulled the 75 lbs wagon around an acre a couple times as well as stock and pepsi stock at work.

I will try and update tomorrow with what I do today and tomorrow as well as the totals.

Pierce Through

Edit: This is my 50th post. Nice.