I am also doing video game reviews.

My first review is of Pokemon White.

I have been playing pokemon since the original games came out in like ’98.

There are a lot of nostalgia fanatics who will say this game sucks (and all others from second gen on) because 1st gen was the best.

Well, while 1st gen was amazing and nothing will ever compare…it doesn’t matter.

Feature wise, these games are the best so far. But, to be honest, I am moreso looking forward to 6th gen because they will have evolutions and prevos of older guys according to previous patterns.

Either which way, the game was awesome. The graphics were epic, as was the music and features.

Pokemon wise, most of the early on pokemon are weird concepts that aren’t that great. The later ones and legendaries are amazing…especially Haxorus, Hydreigon and Kyurem. All in all, great game and generation.

I give it a 9/10.

Video Game Review #1

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