Duel review.

I watched Paul at the employee show this past Thursday night and then Limitless a couple days later.

Also, I will start rating the movies on a 1-10 scale from this point on. My mind is a complex place. The top score a movie could get is a 9.5 because nothing is EVER perfect. There is always something that could have been different or better. I will give it a movie rating and a Christian / Family Friendly rating. I will explain each rating too.


I watched this movie. I thought it was really funny, in a stupid way.  They did a lot of attacking of traditional (if not crazy) Christianity, so a lot of Christians will attack the movie for this, but it did have a neutral motif of believe what you choose in the background of it all. So…

Rated R for language including sexual references, and some drug use.

Sex and Nudity – Paul’s butt in like one scene and some kissing. A lot of inappropriately dressed women, but honestly, that is in everything and real life. Nothing too bad.

Language – A good amount of language of varying types. Quite a bit actually…definitely not a movie for kids or people who don’t like profanity.

Violence –A good amount. The government is after the main characters.

*spoiler alert*

Two British nerds are attending Comic Con here in the US. Afterwards, they headed out to explore all the alien related sites nearby. They end up coming across an alien who escaped from the government and they must help him get home.

Once again, it is a good action movie with a decent and moving plot.

Family Friendly Rating – I give it a 3/10. Its score would have been higher if not for the language and innuendo and to a point Christian bashing.

Movie Rating – I give it an 8/10. It was a really funny movie with some good morals like never leave a friend behind.

Review #4


This movie was awesome. The plot was really interesting and it was well done along with some good suspense. So…

Rated PG-13 for thematic material involving a drug, violence including disturbing images, sexuality and language.

Sex and Nudity – Three sex scenes throughout the movie. They show nothing, they are basically random body parts (like legs, etc) and sounds. Other than that, some kissing.

Language – Very mild. 2 F bombs and some other milder words.

Violence –A pretty decent amount throughout, but not too bad.

*spoiler alert*

A down on his luck writer receives a pill that lets him use all of his brain. It substantially increases his intelligence, problem solving skills, memory and everything else. He starts gaining immense amounts of money because of this…but as with everything, it is too good to be true. Bad things begin to happen because of the pill and being mixed up with the wrong crowd.

Once again, it is a awesome action movie with a good plot.

Family Friendly Rating – I give it a 7/10. Its score would have been higher if not for the sex scenes.

Movie Rating – I give it a 9/10. It was a really good movie that makes you think.

Review #5

Pierce through