I just watched this movie. It was epic. It seemed like it would be a trailer movie from watching the trailer…but it was not. There was a lot of sweet scenes that were not in the trailers. The movie had an awesome mix of action and suspense. I will probably be buying this. So…

Rated PG-13 for sustained and intense sequences of war violence and destruction, and for language.

Sex and Nudity – None. There really isn’t even much romance and I think there was only like two kisses and they were between a husband and wife (I assume) on the lips (and stomach (baby)).

Language – A good amount of language…aliens are invading, language (even though it should be) isn’t gonna be too friendly.

Violence – Quite a bit. Aliens are invading and the marines have to stop them. There is A LOT of gunfire, explosions, etc. A lot of action and suspense.

*spoiler alert*

It is pretty straight forward. Alien robot things are invading earth and a group of marines have to stop them while protecting a group of civilians and themselves.

Once again, it was a lot better than how I made it sound. It was awesome. If you like gunfights, explosions, action or anything in this genre…you will like this movie.

Review #3

Pierce through

Also, I have been busy and haven’t trained much. I have done various things like weight lifting and parkour, but not recorded any of it. I plan on doing my full training regimen on Monday and posting it here that night.

Edit: Adding ratings…Family Friendly – 5/10 and Movie 9/10.