I just watched this movie. It was amazing. I thought it looked good from the trailer, but was shocked by something in the movie. I will be buying this. So…
Rated PG-13 for brief strong language, some sexuality and a violent image
Sex and Nudity – One scene shows them in bed (presumably) naked making out, but nothing is shown.
Language – Some mild language and a little strong language
Violence – A somewhat good amount, but not much. Mainly action and suspense.

*spoiler alert*

It is about a congressman who falls in love with a woman that he was never supposed to see again after their initial meeting. The adjustment bureau, seen as angels of sort, are trying to stop them from being together because it is against “the chairman’s” plan for them. They must find a way to be together. I was shocked to see the Christian aspects within the movie.

Okay, it was a lot better than how I made it sound. It was awesome.

My second review…I’m getting better?

Pierce through

Edit: Adding ratings…Family Friendly – 8/10 and Movie – 9/10.