I watched this movie last night. It was beyond epic. I loved the movie so much. I am buying it day one. Like I said, these will be Christian reviews. So…
Rated PG-13 for language and violence
Sex and Nudity – None
Language – Some mild language
Violence – A good amount, but violence is in everything.

*spoiler alert*

It is about a teen who is from another planet. There were only 9 kids and their protectors that escaped the planet’s destruction. They all have special powers. They must be killed in numerical order. Numbers one, two and three are dead. Number four is the main character. He needs to find the others and defeat the people who destroyed his race.

A bit cliche, but still epic.

Hope you enjoyed my first ever review. More to come.

Pierce is out

Edit: Adding ratings…Family Friendly – 9/10 and Movie – 9.5/10